one time in 7th grade i stayed up for 3 days straight just to see if i could. on the third day in history class i watched my hand and pencil warp through my desk and my friend beside me nudged me and said “you’ve been staring at your hand for the past 30 minutes” and ever since i always get enough sleep and you should too

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5 Seconds Of Summer + vines

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tweets for nialls bday!
[gonna add other when people will tweet him!]

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Bolshoi’s The Nutcracker

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Niall celebrating his birthday with friends in London 6.9.2014

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Cartoon Bully Stereotype Collection

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This is my sweetheart, Poppy! She’s a shelter dog, & my sister gave her to me as a Christmas present 2 years ago when she was about 3 months old. She’s a jack russel/english coonhound mix as far as we know.